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New to report, and also please predecessors, friends exhibitions.


We finally got into daycare, so my nanny is searching for a new job. Live-in or live-out. Send me a message if you'd like her contact info

Good Tailor?

Can anyone recommend me a good (and affordable) tailor in town? I live/work in the Galleria area so anywhere around there would be cool. I'm looking to get a jacket suit of mine fixed. Thanks!

Anyone speaking Korean?

I am looking for someone to help me ask a few questions over the phone in Korean. Will pay for the job. Anyone?
This will take 15 minutes but you would need to call them at around 9pm our time.

Apr. 20th, 2013

Hi there. I have a blog called Three Ladies and Their Babies that I write at with my two female cousins. I live in England, one of my cousins lives in Kentucky, and my other cousin lives in Houston, Texas. We all post about anything that comes up in life and we also post recipes, book reviews, and have a book club. The reason I'm posting here is because my cousin who lives in Houston moved there awhile ago from Kentucky and she recently posted about what she loves about living in Texas. I thought some of you might be interested.

You can read the post here: From the Bluegrass to the Lone Star State

Searching for a new school...

Looking for a community college with a distance learning program available fully online for my EC-6 Education degree with transferable credits with federal aid available. Looking to enroll for Summer II. Afterwards i'm transferring back to Sam Houston State.

Angelina? Blinn? Any others??

Houston with Children

Hello!  Back in Houston area after a few years away.  New to Houston w/ kids though.  We have a zoo pass and a pass to the natural science museum.  We've been to Brazos Bend and we've heard about George Ranch.  Other family friendly stuff to do?

Also in the market for a good pediatrician/family practice Dr.  We're living near Sugarland.  Is there a good resource for this somewhere?  I'm a little crunchy, so I need a dr. who is cool with extended breastfeeding and a few delayed vaccinations.


What happen in Galleria last weekend?

I know there was some kind of sports even in Galleria area last weekend (Feb 16-17). But what happen to Galleria Shopping Mall? The shopping mall was 80% crowded with a black community, questionable behavior (blocking the passage to others, shouting). When I was leaving the mall, the Fendi store was locked, a few policemen having 2 black guys handcuffed. And a huge black crowd at the store front discussing them. Supposedly they were trying to steal jewerly from Fendi in a group raid.

I was told by another source that black gangs came over to Galleria that day and flashmob/group-robbed a few stores. This means that 10-20 people fill up one store and start taking out clothes. And no one can stop them because there is not enough security or personnel to stop 20 people at once.

I saw an increased security and police presence in the Mall. I saw a few police officers hiding behind the store windows and watching the areas. But, it seem not to prevent black gangs from group robbing stores.

I saw many black young ladies practically half naked walking up and down the "promenade". When saying "half-naked" I mean (pardon me): partially open bootie, a camel toe, tight pants with crotch, see-through nipples. I would not be surprised to see it at Greenspoint, but Galleria, c'mon!

Overall the whole Mall situation felt like an anarchy - according to my info, a police and security could not prevent theft.

Please share what you know.

P.S. Both, Saturday and Sunday the area was totally crowded. I-59 is stalled, Richmond and Westheimer paralyzed. I was blocked at the parking lot for an hour.
Dear Houston moms,
We are currently looking for 2 baby girl models. One should be 5-6 month (13-16lbs) and another 18-24 month (23-27lbs). If you have a baby and want to become one of our models, please email us at admin@hautebaby.com with your name, contact info and several pix of your baby. Thanks ♥ and please share. Original post here http://www.facebook.com/hautebaby
To find out more about us, pls go to www.hautebaby.com
The model will get a high resolution image we pick for our website and the outfit she'll be wearing for free! The contest ends on Friday, Feb 1